At Creative Resolution Systems, we provide our clients with highly effective alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services personalized for their unique needs. We offer mediation, negotiation, consulting, coaching, and conflict management in many practice areas.

Our services are divided into two broad categories:


*Our practice areas include:

•    Divorce & Partner Separation
•    Child Custody & Support
•    Divorce Settlement Changes
•    Employment & Wrongful Termination
•    Hostile Work Environment
•    Labor Disputes
•    Sexual Harassment
•    Contractor & Service Issues
•    Equal Opportunity
•    Consumer Protection
•    Neighborhood Nuisance Issues  

*(not a comprehensive list)

Conflict Management Training

Handling conflict successfully is not just an attribute for successful managers - it is a vital skill for everyone. We believe that conflict management can and should be taught to everyone who seeks to resolve disputes effectively.

Most of us handle our conflicts with various methods we picked up from our parents, co-workers, bosses, friends, and life experiences. These are often unreliable and can lead to more frustration and unhappiness.  However, there are proven methods and strategies for managing conflict that will move even the most complex arguments to resolution.

Our program teaches participants the 4 pillars of conflict management. We use an engaging, interactive method that helps our clients understand and immediately apply these valuable techniques.

These pillars are:

Modes of conflict

Most of us frequently utilize one or more of these modes when faced with conflict. To be a successful conflict manager, it is important to be proficient in all modes and know when and how to use each one.


The skills of negotiation, both distributive and integrative, are lifelong attributes that will always be useful.  It is important to know how to negotiate with others and respond effectively when others are using specific strategies against you.


Every individual will eventually find himself or herself acting as referee between two opposing parties. Knowing how to effectively help others through these situations and to agreement is an invaluable skill that will improve the lives of everyone who is undergoing conflict.

Critical Dialogue

It is common for people to shy away from sensitive or difficult conversations. Most avoid them or handle them incorrectly because they are concerned about the ramifications that may result. We will teach clients how to effectively and confidently handle these critical conversations.


Mediation sessions - $30 per party per hour

Conflict Management Seminar (approximately 2 hours) - $300

Private Coaching Sessions - $75 per hour

Mediation Services and Conflict management training